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Ethereum Miners Gain 21% More Hashrate On Nvidia RTX 3080ti LHR


Ethereum miners may now enjoy 21% higher hashrate thanks to a BIOS update for EVGA’s version of the Nvidia RTX 3080ti LHR graphics card.

According to a report from OwnSnap, ETH miners may now use a BIOS upgrade to unlock higher hashrate on their RTX 3080ti LHR-version cardsethereum-mining

LHR, which stands for “Lite Hash Rate,” is an upgraded line of Nvidia’s RTX GPUs that includes a built-in cap on the card’s total mining hashrate.

With these cards, Ethereum miners were only able to take advantage of around 50% of the GPU performance when mining.

However, a recent update to the popular mining programme NBminer unlocked some of the hashrate, allowing miners to use roughly 70% of the total GPU power.

A few months later, some miners were able to unlock 100% of the hashrate on these RTX LHR cards. However, there was a catch: the extra power could only be used to mine coins other than Ethereum. For example, 70% of hashrate went to ETH, while the remaining 30% went to the other coin.


EVGA, Nvidia’s card partner, published a firmware update for the RTX 3080ti LHR a few days ago, which corrected an issue that was causing the GPU’s power to be limited during high workloads.

With the update, ETH miners may now expect to get roughly 80 MH/s, a hashrate increase of 21% over the previous 66 MH/s.

As of yet, no such firmware update has been released for cards made by companies other than EVGA. Owners of RTX 3080ti from other Nvidia partners, on the other hand, can still get this update and custom flash their BIOS with it.

However, be aware that flashing the BIOS from another GPU model might be risky and may possibly destroy your card.

Nonetheless, some users have discovered that non-EVGA cards can perform even better with this update. Red Panda Mining was able to achieve approximately 91 MH/s with his Inno-3D RTX 3080ti.