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Elon Musk Can Tackle Twitter Spam With Dogecoin, According To Mark Cuban


Some of the industry’s greatest names have taken notice of a recent Twitter post from a graphics designer at the Dogecoin Foundation. The designer made several suggestions in the post that would help to boost the DOGE token’s usability on the social networking site.

This approach could be beneficial to Dogecoin’s development. One of the designer’s recommendations was to use the meme coin to tip users for tweets.

Dogecoin advocate and billionaire Mark Cuban expanded on this notion, suggesting that it be taken a step further to help reduce spam. DOGE, according to Cuban, should be utilised not only as a tipping mechanism but also as a tool to encourage more spam-free posts. In essence, it requires Dogecoin to be used as a tip for site posts.


People can, however, debate whether a post is genuine or spam. A human checker would make the final decision on whether or not a post is a spam. If it is determined that the message is spam, the accuser receives the Doge from the accused. If this isn’t the case, the accuser’s doge will be forfeited to the accuser.

Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin, has clearly supported this notion, as evidenced by his tweet support. He told Mark Cuban that he loved his suggestion.

Markus has tweeted in support of several ideas, including Cuban’s. The Dogecoin Foundation designer’s tweet was also approved by the Dogecoin inventor, who stated that he is always interested in suggestions that will increase the usability of the meme coin.