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DO’s and DON’Ts Of Trading Crypto In A Bull Market

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  1. Your own god damn research.
    • Read WHOLE articles, read whitepapers, check in on their community involvement, read the roadmap, etc
  2. Continue your DCA plan.
    • This is not the time to refinance your house, that was in May. That ship has sailed. Just stick to your normal DCA even though you will be getting less crypto for your dollar. Trust me.
  3. Stick to quality projects that will last this market.
    • Yes I know, that shitcoin is going to do a 100x and then when we hit a bear market it will do a -100x. Are you smart enough to get out when it’s time? Probably not.
  4. Phase your buys and sells to minimize/maximize potential losses/gains
    • Don’t sell or buy everything at once. You are not god, you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. If you sell everything at once and it skyrockets, you’ll be wishing you only sold half.
  5. Stick to market momentum.
    • If Defi is blowing up, hop in that. If exchange tokens are popping off, get in that. If privacy is on fire, get in that.
  6. Set limit sell/buy orders.
    • Again, you’re not god. You have to sleep. The market doesn’t. If that coin crashes your limit sell could save you. If that coin goes parabolic, that limit buy could save you.
  7. Enjoy the gains and remember this feeling tio get you through the inevitable bear market.
    • The first bear market I got out completely. The second bear market I just remembered the times when everything was green and I was certain the market would get back there.
    • This is the best time to set limit orders and enjoy time with your family and friends, and get back into hobbies you left to stare at charts chasing 5% gains.


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    • I can assure you with 100% certainty nobody here wants to hear about it and 200% certainty nobody outside of here wants to hear about it. They are either gonna ask you for advice and then get rekt and hate you. OR they are gonna call you a dumbass the moment the market turns.
  2. Trade futures.
    • You are not Warren Buffet and you’re not god. You may get lucky a couple times but while you are sweating over a keyboard everyone else will be out having fun seeing nearly the same gains. Let the idiots dabble in future gambling.
  3. Get stuck in an echo chamber.
    • Your coin is not good. Don’t get stuck in the coins subreddit thinking it’ll surpass BTC mcap and stay there for 100 years. It wont. If you have 100 people telling you outlandish things, don’t fucking believe them. I got trapped in the nano vortex in 2017 and watched my portfolio go from 3 college educations to 1. Dont be me.
  4. FOMO
    • Havently we told you this enough? Don’t buy the top of a coin because you think you’re gonna miss out. Either wait for a good entry point, or wait for a bear market to buy low. You aren’t gonna die between now and the next bear market, so just chill the fuck out.
  5. Buy into ICO’s
    • I don’t even know if these are still happening but 99% of them are scams and .5% of the survivors will fail. You like those odds going ahead? I sure don’t.
  6. Refinance your fucking house to buy more crypto
    • How dumb are you to think that’ll work? Just don’t. Don’t take out any sort of cash advance or loan to buy more. Again, we are playing a game of odds here and we want to minimize things that lower our odds of gainz and maximize our odds of higher gains.
    • This also means dont put in what you can’t afford to lose.
  7. Let a bad trade or a massive loss get to you
    • Every trader has that white whale they missed out on. Or has a story about a 90k loss. Please do not let it have a negative impact on your mental state or ruin your relationships. Talk to anyone, talk to me, you’re not alone.