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Despite A Drop Below $4,000, 80 Percent Of Ethereum Holders Are Still Profitable


After struggling to keep its value above $4,000, Ethereum has once again fallen below this level. It has been declining in price since reaching an all-time high in early November. This does not imply that investors have suffered a loss as a result of the decline from its ATH. In reality, the vast majority of ethereum holders have continued to profit as market sell-offs continue.


IntoTheBlock data shows an interesting representation of where ethereum holders are currently located. Currently, 80 percent of all ETH holders are profiting. This is significantly higher than the proportion of bitcoin owners who are still profitable at current prices. The latter has 70 percent of all holders profiting and a higher percentage of investors losing money.

In the case of ethereum, only 14% of all holders are losing money. This implies that this percentage of holders paid more for the digital asset than it is currently worth, and as a result, their holdings are negative. In the case of bitcoin, this figure is 22 percent of all holders who are losing money.

Those who are neither in profit nor in loss accounted for 6% of all holders. These ETH holders are assumed to have purchased their coins at the current ethereum value and are thus in neutral territory.

According to the data, 59 percent of all ETH holders have had their coins for more than a year, 34 percent have had them for 1 to 12 months, and only 7 percent have had them for less than a month.

For the most part, ethereum outflows dominated as the accumulation trend among investors grew. Exchange receivers had plummeted to yearly lows as a result of this. However, with the downtrend, this trend has begun to change.

For the last seven days, exchange inflows have been greater than outflows. While outflows totaled $9.2 billion on a seven-day moving average, inflows totaled $9.31 billion during the same time period.


There isn’t much of a difference between these two metrics, but it does show how ethereum holders perceive the digital asset. As investor sentiment has shifted to the bearish side, more people are selling their coins in anticipation of even lower prices. The difference between inflows and outflows indicates that more investors are moving their ETH to exchanges to sell than to hold for the long term.