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DC Launching Physical And Digital Versions Of NFT Trading Cards


Warner Bros. does seem to have caught up with the current NFT trend. The mixing of physical and digital items appears to be the way to go. The company just announced the release of DC NFT trading cards. It’s a hybrid set with redeemable NFTs that includes DC icons like Batman.

The trading cards will be launched in collaboration with Cartamundi Group. To the joy of fans, the theme revolves around DC Comics.

Cartamundi is a well-known card and board game maker. It will create the cards, which will include 155 different superheroes.

Redeemable NFT collectibles will be included in the “hybrid” cards they’re developing. Immutable will take care of the NFT portion of the product.

Immutable X will house the redeemable DC NFTs. It’s a sidechain to Ethereum’s layer 2 (L2) protocol. It has a history of supporting heavy blockchain games like Gods Unchained.

To retain existing fans, Warner Bros. will release DC collectibles on a new platform. It’s called the Hro app, which appears to refer to the hero-themed collection. Fans will be able to access the NFTs of physical cards via the application.


Warner Bros. also confirms that “The Batman” will not pass up the opportunity to be a part of the card collection.

Fans can purchase Batman’s card from the hybrid packs for anything from $5 to $120. Later in the year, they can also look for limited-edition content via the Hro app. 

The DC NFT trading cards will be available in digital wallets beginning in March 2022. DC will print 6 million of these cards to serve its large fan base.

Nonetheless, it’s not the company’s first time to drop NFTs inspired by DC heroes.

In 2021, DC Comics collaborated with Veve Collectibles. They collaborated on the release of NFT collectibles featuring popular comic book characters.

Warner Bros. has also begun releasing NFT compilations from films like The Matrix. Their Space Jam NFTs were another set of collectibles.

Till now, it appears like NFT releases have increased the bar for the DC and Warner Bros brands.
According to Pam Lifford, it has given fans “a whole new way to engage with their favourite characters.” She leads WarnerMedia’s Global Brands and Experiences division.

According to DC, NFT trading cards will also allow enthusiasts to interact with other collectors more.

DC Comics claimed to have given “the largest NFT drop ever” in mid-October of last year. However, no matter how daring the remark seemed, it may not have impressed rival Marvel’s fans. Since 2021, Marvel has also begun releasing superhero and villainous NFTs.

It appears that the conflict between Marvel and DC will not be resolved anytime soon. Both multiverses are attempting to traverse the metaverse, now entwined in a web of drama and fan service via NFTs.