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Cryptocurrency Users Should Avoid Centralized Crypto Exchanges, According To Kraken’s CEO


The number of protests taking place across Canada, as well as the crypto donations made in support of the demonstrators, is steadily increasing. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, just enacted the Canada Emergencies Act, which imposes the harshest penalties on a few of the protestors.

Jesse Powell reacted to a video released on True North in which Chrystia Freeland (the Deputy Prime Minister) stated that the authorities had frozen the crypto monies indicated by the RCMP, revealing that many more will follow suit. Furthermore, the PM stated that procedures were taken into account when freezing the accounts. The providers of financial services have been provided with the necessary regulations to implement.

Jesse Powell reacted to a True North video in which Chrystia Freeland (the Deputy Prime Minister) announced that the authorities have frozen the crypto money identified by the RCMP, implying that many more will follow suit. Furthermore, the PM indicated that when the accounts were frozen, protocols were taken into consideration. Financial service providers have been given the appropriate regulations to implement.


Powell, who is the CEO and co-founder of Kraken (a cryptocurrency exchange), responded by denouncing the police for their actions in the case of the protestors. He lashed out at the country’s legal system, which begins seizing people’s assets when they challenge the government.

Taking people’s assets and throwing them out of the country’s financial system by removing licenses, according to him, is unethical on the part of the authorities. Furthermore, he stressed that arguing policy, rights, or law would be futile if the monopoly over violence is exercised.