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Cryptocurrency Is Likely To Be More Eco-Friendly Than Traditional Banks

With the crypto world under continual scrutiny from a multitude of sources, the last thing they need is charges of environmental destruction. While mining bitcoin requires a significant amount of energy, the crypto community is continuously attempting to reduce its carbon footprint.


In terms of environmental revelations, the future appears to be in the usage of Proof of Stakes systems rather than Proof of Work. Although many coins have already migrated from Proof of Work systems, many more remain.


The Cryptowisser paper goes into detail about how Proof of Work systems, notably its security mechanisms, take an enormous amount of energy. A PoW system’s fundamentals necessitate persons managing the process of recording transactions and verifying data stored in the block chain, which necessitates crypto mining and a large amount of computing hardware.

In contrast to Proof of Work systems, Proof of Systems maintains its transactions with many holders, which are called validators, and with this Proof of Systems protocol, each user establishes a node, and each node does not require additional energy to show the credibility of the node.

The paper also explains why many “established” industries, such as banks, are not scrutinised. While it is true that the crypto business must reconsider its environmental impact, it might be argued that they are the only financial vertical to receive such speculation, while regular banks, which consume enormous amounts of energy, remain unaffected.

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