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Crypto Mining at Polish Police Headquarters

According to Polish news channel TVN24, police spokesman Mariusz Ciarka, a civilian employee not a police officer, was involved.


“tried to steal electricity in order to mine bitcoin.” The alleged crime was discovered “quite quickly,” according to a police spokesperson, but he did not provide a precise timeline. The employee had been fired, according to local media, and prosecutors were looking into the matter. Crypto-mining


Ciarka went on to say that the suspected crime was found “very fast,” although he didn’t provide a specific time frame.


The employee had been dismissed, according to TVN24, and prosecutors were looking into the matter.


According to the article, a second individual was set to be dismissed as a result of the inquiry.


“Unfortunately, this occurred within a police station,” Mr Ciarka added, clarifying that the suspect seemed to have no access to police databases at any point.