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Crypto Expert Got Mugged

Hello, Crypto Griffin here to explain the meme.

This meme is based on a real-life story from the United Arab Emirates, in which six people attacked a crypto expert after he gave them a tip that cost them $30 million. All six individuals were found guilty of robbery and sentenced to six months in prison by a UAE court.

  • For the real story behind this meme, read the following article:

Investors Attacked A Dubai Crypto Specialist For Losing Money


Six people were sentenced to six months in prison for attacking and stealing money from a Dubai-based cryptocurrency expert after they lost millions of dirhams investing with him in the digital currency.

The six defendants, according to the Dubai Court of First Instance, stole three luxury watches and a diamond ring valued Dh390,000 and $200,000 (Dh735,600) before fleeing the consultant’s residence in Dubai.

The victim said the defendants came to his house, attacked him, and took his money and things following a financial dispute about their cryptocurrency investment. The victim stated that he works in the bitcoin industry and has an extensive understanding of the industry.

The defendants had previously visited with him and sought advice on a cryptocurrency known as ‘Fantom.’

“I told them to invest in it and they did. The coin made a big profit at that time and later I asked them to sell it and they did. Then they came with others, asking me to guide them to another coin for investment,” said the victim in official records.

He also advised them on a new cryptocurrency, the price of which afterwards plunged. “The coin crashed to a very low level, and they lost their money.”

They contacted him once more to explore how they could get their money back. He informed them of a new coin and proposed that they create a website and announce the coin for purchase by investors.

“They made ads for the new coin and I invested with them. The coin price went high on the launch, but only for 15 minutes,” he added. A hacker hacked the crypto coin and it reached zero dollars in value.

They took his money, jewelry, and three high-end watches. He then informed Dubai Police of the occurrence. Five defendants were apprehended by Dubai Police, while another remains at large. They were charged with robbery, threatening the victim, and assaulting him. They were condemned to six months in prison and then deported.