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Coinbase Is Releasing An Animated Film Trilogy Called Bored Apes

Coinbase, America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that the Bored Ape Yacht Club would be featured in an interactive film. At the time of publication, there were few details available, although Coinbase tweeted on April 12 that “absolutely something” was in the works, as well as an interactive trilogy about the BAYC and ApeCoin communities.

The tweet went on to describe how BAYC holders can assist the company to develop the film: “Get a Coinbase wallet, Submit your Bored Ape, Hide an easter egg.”


It included a link to, which was just a splash page with a 1980s-style font title declaring “something is coming” and a link to connect a Coinbase wallet.

In June, the first of three segments of the short animated film series will premiere at NFT.NYC. The BAYC community will be able to offer plot suggestions.

Coinbase created the series to coincide with the introduction of its next NFT marketplace. “We’ve been inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club community and pleased to ask them to co-create this video with us,” William Swann, Coinbase Entertainment and Culture Marketing Director, said, calling the collection as a “North Star in the NFT sector.”

The movies will only be available to people who have linked their Coinbase wallets to the platform once they are published.
BAYC holders will give up perpetual intellectual property rights to their NFTs by allowing Coinbase to utilize them in exchange for $10,000 in APE or BTC put into their Coinbase wallets, according to artist “Dippudo.”


Another idea was to put the money spent on filming a movie towards Coinbase’s notoriously awful customer support. “How about using the money you spent on the video to improve your customer service and app?”

Many people also inquired about the Coinbase NFT marketplace, which is still listed as “coming soon” on its website six months after it was first launched.