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Chathelic church to accept Bitcoin

The Catholic Archdiocese of Miami met this week to discuss annual revenues after being shut down early last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Their new solution is Bitcoin.


“We had to reduce capacity to hold services and we could no longer pass around a collection dish,” said Archbishop Thomas Wenski. “Having people donate germ covered dollar bills was no longer an option for us.”


Members of the church discovered an aptly called “Savior” in recent adoption news from El Salvador.


One of our resident priests returned from El Salvador and explained the use of Bitcoin and the Lightning network using QR codes,” Wenski told reporters. “We decided that for our parishioners’ health and safety, and for the sake of our churches that we will now be accepting donations in the form of Bitcoin.”


Each church in the archdiocese will now produce plastic plaques and paper booklets for parishioners to scan and give to their respective Bitcoin wallets.


“Miami has over four million Catholics,” Wenski continued. “We hope this becomes a method to re-energize our church community.”