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Ceo Of Discord Has Stated That The Company Would Not Include A Cryptocurrency Wallet

On Monday, Discord CEO Jason Citron instilled terror (or pleasure) in the hearts of Discord users by tweeting a screenshot of what appeared to be crypto wallets in the app, but on Wednesday evening, he stated that the firm does not intend to ship what he was demonstrating.

“Thank you for everyone’s perspectives,” Citron stated. “At this time, we have no intentions to ship this internal concept.” For the time being, we’re concentrating on safeguarding users against spam, scams, and fraud. Web3 has a lot of good, but it also has a lot of challenges that we need to iron out at our scale. “I’ll be back soon.” This week, Discord told The Verge that the image was from an internal hackfest.

Citron’s comment does not completely rule out the potential of future crypto / NFT integration in Discord. According to Citron’s tweet, the company is investigating how it can leverage “Web3,” a term that frequently alludes to a decentralised and crypto-based internet, as well as how it can defend against crypto / NFT scams that occur on the platform.

When we questioned about a poll referencing NFTs that circulated just hours before Citron’s Monday tweet, the company said something similar regarding their interest in crypto. Despite the fact that the poll was ostensibly only for research purposes, a Discord spokesman stated that “we’re continually investigating and hacking away at topics we think will improve Discord for all the groups we serve.” “This involves research that assists us in learning about what consumers want.”

There does not appear to be an official crypto integration with Discord at this time. But don’t be surprised if there is one.