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Cardano’s (ADA) Creator Announced That The Platform Is Ready For The Final Stage

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson revealed that the platform is ready for the final stage before the final deployment of complete smart contract interoperability on the mainnet.
As the network steadily and without delay approaches the completion of the major upgrade, Hoskinson continues to provide regular updates, keeping the Cardano community informed about the Alonzo upgrade rollout.

“We had a meeting, and it is a go,” Hoskinson said on Friday, stating that the Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a blockchain infrastructure research and engineering firm behind the development of the proof-of-stake platform, is on pace to launch the primary testnet on September 1.

“All infrastructure appears to be green and operational,” continued Hoskinson, who is pleased to report that the dev team, which is still working on the last “cleanup” over the weekend, is on track with the public Alonzo testnet hard fork.

“The testnet will be at the Alonzo stage; this is not one of those specialised testnets like Purple or any of the others. “This is the major testnet that we utilise for exchanges and all other individuals and things,” he explained of the public testnet hardfork.

Meanwhile, IOHK announced that it would submit an upgrade proposal to the Cardano testnet in order to “hardfork the chain into the Alonzo era.”

This is “a major milestone and marks the final, critical stage prior to hard forking the Cardano mainnet, which is scheduled for September 12th,” according to IOHK, referring to the significant rollout taking place on the primary testnet rather than Alonzo Purple, which was launched earlier this month.

“We’re almost there. “Onwards,” said IOHK, adding that the team is continuing discovering and correcting issues to maintain network stability as it wraps up preparations for the next, and this time final, primary Cardano network update, which would “usher in a transformative era of smart contracts capability.”

According to Hoskinson, once the rollover on the Alonzo testnet is completed and the team proceeds with the final inspections and testing within a controlled environment, it will remain there until the new proposal is ready on September 9.
It’ll be an “uneventful rollover,” he concluded, while superstitiously knocking on wood because the upgrading process went off without a hitch.