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Bitcoin Should Be Taught In Schools, According To The Mayor Of New York

Eric Adams, who was elected mayor of New York on Tuesday (2), stated that Bitcoin technology should be taught in schools. The statement was made during a CNN interview when Adams was asked why he wanted to get his salary in Bitcoin.

This could result in a new generation being more informed about economics and possibly adopting Bitcoin as their money in the future. While Bitcoin is linked with money, it also encompasses cultural problems such as its freedom of choice ideology.

El Salvador, for example, will build 20 new schools as a result of the cash generated by the more than 1,000 bitcoins purchased in recent months, despite the fact that it has no intentions to teach Bitcoin.

Most schools now do not have a timeline for teaching basic economics to their students. As a result, young people are growing up with little understanding of what money is, despite the fact that it is a crucial aspect of our lives.

Adams wants schools to teach about Bitcoin, its technology, and philosophy, in addition to saying on social media that he wants to earn his first three salaries in bitcoin. When asked to describe what Bitcoin is, Adams stated that even subject matter specialists find it difficult. “This is challenging even for specialists. [Bitcoin] is a cryptocurrency, a new way to pay for goods and services around the world. And that’s what we should do, open our schools to teach about technology and this new way of thinking.” he said.

It is difficult to educate people about Bitcoin because we must first explain the history of money. Furthermore, explaining technical topics objectively to lay people is difficult.

As a result, a new generation will be more aware of the shortcomings of fiat currencies like the dollar, as well as a greater understanding of other elements of Bitcoin like freedom of choice and privacy.

El Salvador ratified the Bitcoin Law on September 7, making it legal tender in the country. The law has now been in effect for two months and has been the object of criticism; after all, Bitcoin was established to be used by people who want to, not those who are forced to.

Returning to schools, it is also worth noting that El Salvador intends to build 20 schools with the proceeds from the sale of its bitcoins. Over the last two months, the country purchased a total of 1,120 BTC.

Although the government has not declared plans to teach Bitcoin in schools, Salvadorans are learning through experiencing what it is like to use a decentralised money that is not regulated by a government.