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Bitcoin Should Be Legal Cash In Texas, According To 42% Of The Population

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According to a recent poll of 9,700 eligible voters done by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 42 percent of Texans would vote to make Bitcoin an official currency.


According to the report, Texas is the most crypto-friendly swing state in the country.
Meanwhile, roughly 40% of Arizonans were completely opposed to the idea of making Bitcoin official tender. Only 23% of people were in favour of the initiative. In general, one out of every three Americans living in swing states completely supports Bitcoin.

Georgia had the greatest percentage of eligible voters who were unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. This group accounted for 14% of the responses. On the other hand, Florida appears to be the most crypto-aware state, with only 8% of Floridians uninformed of the new asset class.

The majority of those who do not possess cryptocurrencies claim that their lack of understanding of the industry is the main reason they have not entered the market.
In related news, according to BTC PEERS, 48 percent of Brazilians support making Bitcoin a legal tender.