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Bitcoin Has Already Surpassed Facebook In Terms Of Market Capitalization

According to Asset Dash, Bitcoin has already surpassed Facebook in terms of market capitalization, with approximately $929,014,620,160 at the time of writing.


Despite modest price drops earlier this year, Bitcoin continues to increase at a rapid pace. Bitcoin has increased by more than 360% in the last year, whereas Facebook has increased by only 22 percent. Facebook is only the latest colossus to fall in Bitcoin’s quest to become the world’s most valuable asset.


It should be noted that this comparison is between Facebook, the publicly listed corporation, and Bitcoin, the monetary asset and decentralised network.


Bitcoin was the best performing asset of the previous decade, and it has begun this decade off strong, positioning BTC to potentially be the best performing asset of this decade as well.


As we enter the fourth quarter of this year, Bitcoin is poised to take considerably more value and expand exponentially higher than it is now. As we can see in the chart below, Bitcoin often performs well in the fourth quarter of past years.

The fourth quarter of 2020 marked the start of the current bull market. Many are forecasting an even bigger leg up in Q4 due to a variety of factors such as central banks expanding the monetary supply, El Salvador becoming bitcoin legal cash and adding it to their balance sheet, long-term holders withdrawing BTC from exchanges, and more.


When comparing BTC to the top stocks, it is evident that Bitcoin is gradually making its way to the top of the list. With Bitcoin overtaking Facebook, it is currently ranked sixth, just behind Amazon. Following that, the following roadblocks will be encountered: Google, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, and Apple.