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Billionaire Mark Cuban Believes That Ethereum Has The “Most Upside” As An Investment

Ethereum has evolved to the point that it has caught the attention of major investors. After surging to record highs this year, the digital asset is gaining traction among institutional investors. Despite not reaching its prior all-time high, the asset’s value has recently increased, attracting more investors to the cryptocurrency. Its wide range of applications has made it popular among investors in the last year.


One of the most intriguing aspects of the blockchain has been its utility. Instead of adhering to a monetary policy and being utilised as a medium of trade, the cryptocurrency has followed more unusual paths. Users have been drawn to the digital currency by decentralised finance methods that work on the blockchain. However, billionaire investor Mark Cuban feels that altcoin is still closer to becoming “a genuine money” than bitcoin.


On CNBC’s Make It, Mark Cuban stated that he believes ethereum is a superior alternative for a true currency. The billionaire discussed his investments in the area as well as his thoughts on where new investors should place their money when entering the industry.

Cuban discussed the main cryptocurrencies on the market and their feasibility as investments. In response to a query on where new investors should put their money, the billionaire investor stated that ethereum was the way to go.“As an investment, I think ethereum has the most upside,” Cuban said.


For most of the interview, the investor remained bullish about ethereum. Even expressing regret for not investing in cryptocurrencies earlier. Cuban stated that he wishes he “had bought [ether] sooner,” despite the fact that he is currently invested in the altcoin.


Despite his support for Ethereum, Cuban did not disparage bitcoin. The billionaire has also lauded bitcoin, claiming that it is “better gold than gold.” Cuban has bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin in his portfolio, as well as other altcoins. NFTs and investments in blockchain businesses are also prominent in his portfolio.


When it comes to investing for the first time or learning about the market, Cuban believes that Dogecoin is the greatest place for newbies to start. He has previously claimed that he purchased some Doge while attempting to teach his son about cryptocurrencies, and that he also used the chance to educate himself on the subject.


Surprisingly, Cuban continues to believe that Dogecoin is the greatest method to pay for items. According to the millionaire, Ethereum is the closest thing to a genuine currency, while Dogecoin is the preferred means of payment.