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Atari Introduces Its ‘Infinite Open World’ Metaverse, Loaded With Gambling And NFTs

Atari SA is preparing to debut its own metaverse vision, which appears to be a gambling-themed open-world game using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
What Happened: The “Atari Casino” metaverse offers an “unlimited open-world” with casinos, basketball courts, planes, vehicles, and yachts, among other things.

According to a new promotional video, the game will include customizable playable characters and 100 million NFTs. The platform was accidentally launched recently, and the video game pictures do not match the metaverse depicted in the film.


An Atari spokesman stated on Monday that the platform — which is no longer available as of press time — “wasn’t intended to be online” and was only introduced because “someone screwed up,” but acknowledged that it is absolutely real.

The sloppy graphics in BitcasinoRank’s Monday evaluation of the Atari Casino could be explained by the fact that this is a test version intended for internal corporate use rather than a finished product.

A standard account with a username and password, as well as a bitcoin wallet, are required for Atari Casino. To play for real money, the game requires Atari Token (CRYPTO: ATRI), but the Ethereum costs for funding the account can easily reach $100.


The reviewer also discovered a kiosk that was supposed to sell NFTs that function as unique clothes for a player’s character but was not operating at the time. Apartments sold in the city where the casino is located, like clothing, are also available as NFTs.

NFTs are taking over the gaming industry, with Ubisoft deploying in-game NFTs earlier this month.