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Apple Removes Ethereum Wallet Gnosis Safe From The App Store, Due To Concerns About NFTs.

Apple, according to Lukas Schor, head of product development at Gnosis Safe, is preventing the release of his company’s Ethereum wallet. What’s the reason? It not only assists users in managing custody of their crypto monies, but it also allows them to examine other digital assets, specifically NFTs.


NFTs are blockchain-based tokens (often on Ethereum) that represent a deed to a certain virtual or physical asset. They can be purchased, sold, or exchanged. Because NFTs are tokens, they are being integrated into wallets so that consumers may explore the virtual collectibles and art linked to the deeds.

The inclusion of NFTs into Gnosis Safe is causing issues with Apple, which questioned earlier this month whether the updated version of the programme could be used to store NFTs, according to an Apple communication given by Schor. Schor claims that NFTs were previously integrated into the app earlier this year, and that the most recent upgrade was about linking a hard wallet to the Gnosis Safe. However, since the topic had been raised, Gnosis responded that users can, in fact, keep their own NFTs on the app.

The Apple App Store then stated that it would not allow this: “We noticed that your app includes or accesses paid digital content, services, or functionality by means other than in-app purchases, which is not appropriate for the App Store.”

As a result, while you can buy NFTs using an app on your Apple phone, you cannot store NFTs acquired elsewhere.

It’s not the first problem crypto wallets have encountered in their interactions with Apple. Trust Wallet claims it withdrew the decentralised application browser from version 6.0 of its iOS app in June because such blockchain-based applications, by definition, do not adhere to Apple’s code rules.