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Analysis Of The Current Market On What Has Happened Recently And What Is Likely To Happen This Year


This year’s market has come to this point, in fact, you can get a glimpse of it. Interest rate hikes have landed, U.S. stocks have plummeted, war black swans, new interest rate hikes and shrinking balance sheet expectations, etc., Bitcoin is still stuck in the range of 30,000 to 40,000, which is still a lot from the 21,000 pie imagined by countless bears. distance.

The expectation of the first interest rate hike has been digested in the continuous decline after Bitcoin reached a new high of 69,000 last year, so the first interest rate hike just happened to be negative and positive, and U.S. stocks also rebounded. Recently, the Fed officials have been further shouting, and they are full of hawks. It is expected to raise interest rates by 50 points in May. It is already a certainty. If you get out of the market, or you have been slumped since the slump a few days ago, you have to continue to observe.

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the United States and the European Union have vigorously imposed economic sanctions on Russia. The currency circle has become a potential way for Russian rich people to avoid economic sanctions. The huge amount of funds withdrawn from the European Union is also testing and looking for the next reservoir. There is no doubt that BTC is a potentially large pool. In addition, Ukraine accepts bitcoin donations and has begun to fully embrace the blockchain and embrace bitcoin. Russia has also begun to recognize and accept bitcoin from the blockade of crypto before the war. It is conceivable that after the war Ukraine and Russia will be the new port for crypto.


The West has been shouting “personal property is sacred and inviolable” for many years, and a Russian-Ukrainian war was revealed. What kind of personal property is inviolable, it depends on whether you conform to our position and whether it violates our rights and interests. If you want to seal it up. Feng, I will not discuss this with you. This also happens to contrast with assets such as crypto and Bitcoin, which are truly personal and personal, and cannot be plundered by anyone. It can only be said that Bitcoin faced a war for the first time. This Russia-Ukraine war has accelerated people’s understanding and cognition of Bitcoin. Now, time is on Bitcoin’s side.

Then, if Bitcoin stabilizes in the past two days, it will be a beautiful step backtest. In the second half of April before the arrival of May, there should still be the second half of the market, and it should be seen again in April. Long-lost 50,000 BTC. Of course, ETH2.0 is coming, and the strong Ethereum may continue to drive Bitcoin out of this new market fuel Bitcoin, fuel Ethereum.