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Amazon’s Metaverse Game Is Now Available


Amazon has released a 3D web game in which players navigate a simulated city while also assisting people with real-world computer issues via the cloud. It’s a teaching tool (as well as a sales tool) for people to learn how to use the company’s cloud services.

This is Amazon’s first step into the metaverse, or virtual world. Bezos intends for the new game to increase Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the most widely used cloud platform on the planet. The most common complaint among decentralists is that AWS has a solid (and concerning) grip on the cloud hosting business.

Because they use AWS for storage, several developers claim that ostensibly decentralized applications are actually centralized. AWS has the ability to fire any company off their servers, which has created a lot of issues about what decentralization really means.

AWS Cloud Quest is the name of the game, and it appears to be pretty simple to play. Users navigate the virtual city, assisting inhabitants with cloud-related IT issues and earning points for solving simulations and riddles. The obvious purpose is to raise awareness of Amazon’s cloud services, and consequently adoption, which the Seattle-based corporation has been pushing on for years.


In a blog post, Kevin Kelly, director of professional cloud education programmes at AWS, said,“AWS Cloud Quest and AWS Educate are deliberately moving away from passive content. We want to make the abstract concepts of cloud computing a reality through interactive, hands-on activities that allow students to immediately translate theory into practice.”

After completing Amazon Web Services simulation and puzzle tasks, users get points. They unlock new content and character styles in the same way they do in many other video games.

Amazon has long been rumored to be considering entering the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, the company’s management has never ruled this out.

Amazon’s move into the metaverse could open the way for the company to issue its own NFTs and cryptocurrencies.