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Adrian Grenier Believes That Digital Assets Can Improve A Number Of Areas That Are Currently In Need Of Change


Adrian Grenier, best known for his role as Vincent Chase in the television series “Entourage,” believes that cryptocurrencies can “address a lot of the institutions that are broken right now.” He also defended bitcoin mining, which many people oppose because of environmental concerns.

In these times of post-pandemic crises, military conflicts, and rising inflation, it is safe to state that the global financial system is in desperate need of a boost. The vast majority of crypto supporters feel that wider acceptance and use of digital assets might deliver such an upgrade. Adrian Grenier, an American actor, producer, and musician, is one of them.

Crypto can “address a lot of the processes that are now dysfunctional, and are quite wasteful across many industries,” according to the star of the TV series “Entourage,” who recently spoke with Yahoo Finance.

Bitcoin mining is an energy-intensive proof-of-work procedure that uses a lot of electricity, therefore critics of the asset class often say it’s bad for the environment. Grenier, on the other hand, claimed, “crypto isn’t just a thing that uses energy.” He predicted it could fix many industries to be more efficient. “If you look at the global net benefit, I think it’s a positive one,” he argued.


Last summer, Grenier made his first comments about the crypto world. Back then, the actor predicted that bitcoin would eventually supplant fiat currencies such as the US dollar:

“You are going to see the adoption rate increase exponentially over time, but you’re also seeing bitcoin as future dollars. Where we need to get to philosophically is that it’s not going to eventually become dollars, it’s just going to be bitcoin.”

Grenier has retired from acting. He recently left Hollywood and relocated to a farm outside Austin, Texas, where he produces his own food and wants to trade locally using digital currencies.