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A Roadmap For Dogecoin Has Been Announced

For the first time in its 8-year history, Dogecoin, the original meme coin, has revealed a roadmap. It’s difficult to imagine any big crypto project not having a roadmap by 2021. However, 8 years ago, things were drastically different in the crypto sector.


Dogecoin was founded as a ‘joke’ in 2013. Even its creators could not have predicted the meme coin’s enormous success at the time. DOGE is currently the market’s 12th largest cryptocurrency, almost a decade later, and it finally has a roadmap.

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the meme coin’s original developer, underlined that the meme coin will always be a community-based cryptocurrency when outlining the roadmap. The project’s developers will be responsible for its upkeep rather than dictating its decisions like kings. Dogecoin’s direction and decision-making will always be in the hands of its community.

Dogecoin belongs to y’all. Don’t treat it like a company with stockholders. You can contribute!” – Shibetoshi Nakamoto.

The meme coin revealed eight new projects as part of its agenda. The first project is a total redesign of the website. The website will be completely redesigned, according to the roadmap. A new section named ‘Dogepedia’ will also be included. This section will contain important crypto-related resources gathered from throughout the internet.


Dogepedia will help the community by streamlining information. It will also have a direct Q&A section so consumers can get direct answers to their problems, removing the FUD. The new website’s initial preview will go live in January 2022.

The meme coin network released the Libdogecoin project for developers. This will be a full C library with Dogecoin Protocols, allowing developers to integrate the meme coin into their apps and systems. This library will eventually offer bindings for more major programming languages.

Project GigaWallet was one of the primary initiatives announced in this roadmap. It will be an open-source, ready-to-deploy API solution that will allow developers to quickly integrate Dogecoin transactions into their payment platforms. GigaWallet will initially be available as a mobile-only solution. The creators anticipate that GigaWallet will hasten the adoption of meme coins by shops, game developers, and social media sites.

The roadmap also contains ideas for community staking (PoS) for the meme coin in the future. There’s also the RadioDoge project, which will enable users to connect to radio nodes in remote regions. With this roadmap, DOGE aspires to go beyond the meme coin moniker and become a blue-chip cryptocurrency managed by the community.