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8 Key Security Factors About Cryptocurrencies

  • Never, ever, reveal your passwords or seed phrases to anyone.
  • Never reveal any personal information to anyone online, other than the bare minimum that is needed for KYC purposes.


  • Use authenticator 2FA and whitelist for all exchanges. Keep your authenticator on a separate device.



  •  Split up seed phrases and store both halves in separate, secure locations; back them up and do the same with the backups.



  • Assume every message, app, website and browser extension is a scammer until proven otherwise.



  • Always triple check crypto addresses and send a small test amount before sending a large amount




  • Research everything you invest in thoroughly; Google the name of it with the word ‘scam’ and see what comes up.


  • Have your buy and sell strategies worked out ahead of time; don’t trade when excited or fearful.