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7 Reasons To Watch Polygon In 2022

Since its start, Polygon has been making waves in Web3.0. However, recent developments and activities have made crypto natives more optimistic than ever about the ecosystem.

  • Stripe X Polygon
    Stripe, the global payments giant, is making its foray into the cryptoverse with Polygon. Soon, Stripe will allow business owners to pay using USDC. Plus, Twitter will be the first to use this! Imagine the possibilities…
  • Underpinning blockchain in Lugano
    Lugano is a pro-crypto city based in Switzerland and has decided to settle its stablecoin (USDT & LVGA) transactions on Polygon Thanks to its low fees The crypto-friendly Swiss town recently made Bitcoin and crypto legal tender.
  • Investors❤️Polygon
    Polygon has been massively funded In Feb, Polygon raised $450M in funding led by Asia’s biggest crypto investing firm Sequoia Capital with participation from leading global investors including: Animoca, Seven Seven Six & Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful.
  • Redpilling Web2.0 companies
    Polygon is onboarding Web2.0 based companies into the decentralized world of Web3.0. Draft Kings, a NASDAQ-listed sports betting company, has partnered with Polygon & has announced setting up a validator’s node to help decentralize its PoS network.
  • Frontrunning P2E gaming
    Polygon Studios, the gaming/Metaverse arm of Polygon, is working at the forefront to bring GameFi & Metaverse to the masses. Guess who’s heading it? Ryan Wyatts— Ex-head of gaming at Youtube to build out the gaming division at Polygon.
  • Supernet chains
    Polygon has several other scaling solutions besides its famed & widely used PoS chain. One of them is Supernet Chains. These are a set of highly scalable interconnected chains allowing devs to build their projects in customizable environments with 0 costs. To incentivize devs to build on these Supernet Chains, the foundation has announced a $100M support fund.
  • Hermez 2.0, NightFall, Avail, Miden, Zero (Plonky 2.0) – Launching Live / TestNet
    The Polygon team will be launching Hermez 2.0 & NightFall to the livenet later this year. And Avail, Miden, and Zero chains will be hitting TestNet before the end of the year. These coupled with the Ethereum merge (expected in the Fall) will drive huge adoption. Also, don’t forget an Enterprise chain is also in the works.