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5 Ways To Get Free Crypto

  1. Using Brave Browser: Not only is it as good as Google Chrome, you also earn crypto for simply using the browser. The currency you get is BAT. Also this way Google gets less of your data so there is that.

  2. Moons: There are two ways to get Moons: you can either shitpost on CC, or go to and claim a tiny bit of free moons every day.

  3. Presearch: A search engine that pays you PST for using it.

  4. Airdrops: Some cryptos have occasional airdrops. Basically you get crypto for holding other crypto. An example of this is BTT (you get APENFT) and TRX for which you can get BTT.

  5. Mining : It is a good way too. I’m talking about mining using existing equipment, without any investment except for the electricity bill.