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3 Upcoming Bullish Catalysts For Growth Of ETH (2021-2022)

1) The Merge (Transition to Proof of Stake)

Estimated timeline: ~Q1/Q2 2022

Why is this bullish: Plenty of reasons including,

  • Tremendous energy efficiency
  • Lower issuance (even lower inflation, makes existing ETH more valuable)
  • Miner fees/tips will go to validators (increased staking rewards)


2) Sharding

Estimated timeline: ~2022

Why is this bullish:

  • Improve Ethereum’s scalability and capacity
  • Reduce gas fees
  • Significantly more transactions per second (TPS)


3) Ethereum ETFs in US

Estimated timeline: Shortly after Bitcoin ETFs (which could itself be in 2021/2022)

Why is this bullish:

  • Leads to more institutional buying and demand
  • Adds even more legitimacy to ETH as an asset

Companies applying for ETH ETFs include:

  • Bitwise
  • Kryptoin