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Get rich or die tryin

20 Rules To Live By In Crypto

  1. Never invest money you will need in a short period of time. This is not a game, so quit playing.
  2. Never invest money you will need during an emergency. You might be down at that moment.
  3. When investing, forget about the money you invest. Solid projects go up and down on the daily but on the yearly it’s mostly up.
  4. Get used to 20-50% drops and months if not years of no sign of life. The faster you get used to this the less stressed you will be.
  5. ALWAYS GO AGAINST THE MARKET, by that I mean panic BUY when everyone is panic selling, take profit when everyone is FOMOing in.
  6. Time in the market beats timing the market! Persistence always wins.
  7. Everybody is a genius in a bull run.
  9. If you get an email that causes you fear and a heart attack it’s most likely a scam. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK THE EMAIL, if it’s a scam it will be some random email.
  10. NEVER CLICK RANDOM LINKS IN EMAILS! You ain’t getting shit free in life.
  11. If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.
  12. Meme coins are a gamble not an investment, always take profit or at least your initial investment. Having something to show for it, rich on paper is not something to be proud of. Life changing money means nothing if you don’t change your life with them.
  13. Never chase pumps. You missed it. It’s gone. Move on. Don’t chase it. You are playing with fire. 14.Never panic sell, there will almost always be a bounce if you want to sell.
  14. (For USA residents) If you sell for profit or switch between cryptos be ready to pay taxes. Yes you can hide it, but remember sooner or later Uncle Sam will get his piece of the pie if not the whole cake.
  15. Always have a nice stack on the side for major dip days. Millionaires are made during bear markets.
  16. The trend is your friend until the end.
  17. Do not leave large funds on an exchange, not your key, not your crypto. Go ask those who used mt gox, cryptopia and many other “good exchanges”.
  18. Be prepared to be down or even for at least 2 years, yes even if you are up 1000%, bear markets can be brutal. Ask those who were up in late 2017.
  19. Quality over quantity! It’s better to invest big on 5 projects than small on 15 projects.
  20. Don’t hate on Bitcoin. It made all this possible. It will remain king no matter what place it’s in. It’s like hating your grandpa for being slower than you. He is the reason you are alive in the first place.