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12 Year Old Made $160,000 Through NFT

Ahmed, who is only 12 years old, has already established himself as a prominent participant in the NFT market. With the help of the Boring Bananas team, the initiative soon went popular on Twitter, and the complete collection of whales was sold in less than 24 hours.


In less than 24 hours, a 12-year-old child genius coder carried out his own non-fungible tokens (NFT), making profits of more than US $ 160,000. That boy is Benyamin Ahmed, the creator of the now-famous collection “Weird Whales,” a sequence of photographs with multicoloured pixelated whale shapes coined in the form of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.


The NFT image of whale number 1,205 recently sold for around $ 6,000 and the total sales volume is almost 800 ETH.


Ahmed began coding when he was 5-6 years old, after his father, a web developer for the London Stock Exchange Group, introduced him and his brother to HTML and CSS.


“I created my first collection [NFT] on OpenSea just to have a little fun, and then I got more interested in them when BAYC and other avatar projects started rolling in. I also play a lot of games, from what I can see NFTs come in handy as custom skins and cosmetics. ” He said


Each image in the Weird Whales collection, which can be found on the OpenSea market, comes with a unique set of ‘features’ whose pixelated design is evocative of the well-known CryptoPunks. Ahmed discussed in a tweet thread how he used Python to help randomly create attributes for over 3,000 unique designs that add to the value of each NFT.


This year, he used his summer vacation to study JavaScript and learn more about computer languages. And, more lately, he has started to investigate the NFT space. Ahmed, who enjoys video games, was particularly intrigued by collectibles technology.


As a result, ‘Weird Whales’ started when one of the developers behind another NFT project, Boring Bananas, handed Ahmed an annotated Python script with a template to make his own tiered photos, according to Decrypt. But the young man had no idea that his collection of 3,350 uncommon whales in NFT format would be so popular.