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10 Tips When Investing In Crypto

  1. Never be scared to sell! FOMO is a terrible thing but from what I’ve learned, selling into a pump is always the best option.
  2. When you see an asset that you own has an RSI in the mid 90s on all levels, it’s time to sell and take profit
  3. Please god take your profits while they’re being offered to you! You will probably get a chance to buy your stack back and toss those tethers into your bank.
  4. If you sell and an asset keeps skyrocketing, brush it off! There are hundreds if not thousands of other opportunities on this market.
  5. Do not get so attached to a coin, it’s not a religion, we are here to make money! Bank your profits and move on.
  6. This is not a get rich quick scheme! Prices DO NOT rise forever! Learn to protect your wealth.
  7. Do not chase pumps! If you’ve sold, move on! If you’re not invented yet, don’t! You will most likely be burnt!
  8. Don’t bounce from coin to coin, be patient, every coin has its day in the sun. When your coin finally shines, think about taking profits, if you don’t sell your entire stack at least mitigate your risk of losses moving forward.
  9. HODL that one or two projects you truly believe in. You don’t want to bounce in and out of these true gems, just hold them and you might be rewarded! Everything else just sells, takes profits, buys back in on the dip or just moves on to the next big thing.
  10. Learn some basic TA, chart patterns, how to use EMA’s, MACD, RSI, the simple things. Bull flags, head and shoulder patterns, cup and handle, the basics! It will benefit you when trading. People may think it’s useless but guys who do it for a living actually use this and it often helps.